Supernatural- Is 14 seasons just too much?

‘Saving people, killing things, the family business’

Major series and season 13 spoilers ahead.

The simple answer to the title question for most fans of the show is ‘no’. We all wish that Supernatural never ends and we can watch a geriatric Sam and Dean continue the family business. If you’ve seen the show from inception like I have, then you are familiar with this. The series follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who are hunters and destroyers of all things that go bump in the night. Over the years, the brothers have faced everything imaginable from vampires to ghosts to demons and they have thus far been able to overcome and defeat all that they’ve come up against. Amidst a multitude of deaths as well as returns from death, we as fans have learned to be prepared to expect anything when it comes to this show. No person or creature can be categorized as good or bad right off the bat as many characters exist in grey areas and are multifaceted or multi layered meaning that a character who is first introduced in a negative manner may well end up being a strong positive influence on the show. This is something that I find incredible for a seemingly good versus bad show. The casting in my opinion has got to be some of the best I have ever seen, even the supporting cast who appear for a random monster of the week episode are talented and believable as victims. There have been numerous recurring characters throughout the series, all of which have become fan favourites due to the excellent casting (Bobby played by Bobby Singer, Castiel played by Misha Collins and Crowley played by Mark Sheppard to name a few). However, we have also had to withstand the deaths of some beloved characters which brings me to Season 14.

The season begins slowly in the aftermath of Lucifer’s death, Dean becoming Michael, and Jack’s loss of power. Sam and Castiel seem broken without Dean and there is a dullness in the bunker. From previous seasons, like when Dean was in Hell or purgatory, we know that Sam exists as a shadow of himself without his brother. We as the viewers are fortunate enough to watch Jensen Ackles play the foreboding presence that is Archangel Michael and he does it so well that for a while I forgot that this is supposed to be Dean Winchester. Slowly but surely the show is getting back into its rhythm and I can confidently say that I am excited to see where this season goes. However, I am most intrigued to see where the creators and showrunners see Supernatural going for future seasons or if there is even a future to begin with. The good news for fans is that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have stated that they are willing to continue doing the show as long as there is a show to do. Which is, as Dean Winchester would say, ‘awesome’.

Supernatural has so much to offer, there’s drama, action, horror, gore, comedic moments and an excellent soundtrack in every season. I personally believe that the series is so layered that you can rewatch it from the very first season and realize that there is much that you have missed. I give the first 5 episodes of season 14 a huge thumbs up thus far.

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