Review Policy


If you would like your product reviewed by GNTH, please read the following. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us from the “Contact Us” page.

General Policy:

  • GNTH reviews aim to always be honest, constructive, and fair. Please be aware that submitting something for review doesn’t automatically mean the review will be positive. GNTH can only promise that we will critique respectfully and professionally.
  • GNTH does paid endorsements based on products we have personally tested. Also note that we will disclose to viewers and followers on any product that is a “Paid Promotion” in our video, podcast or blog content.
  • Know that GNTH will get to your review as soon as possible. If your review is time sensitive, we will move it to the front of the line – and GNTH will publish it on time.

Movie, show, book, zine, video game, or comic reviews:

  • Look around our blog to make sure your product would fit in with what GNTH is doing. A good place to start is the “about us” page.
  • GNTH reviews centre on ease of use and quality.
  • Please do not send press kits without contacting GNTH first.

Video game reviews:

  • GNTH will review any game that is playable on a Windows PC, Apple device, Android device, PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch or web browser.
  • GNTH will review beta copies and Kickstarter projects.
  • GNTH reviews focus on graphics, controls, story, replayability and difficulty.