The Team


Pregan Pillay

I am the Christ following, sneaker wearing, camera shooting, hiphop/rock/house listening, tech using, geek living, Pregan Pillay. I love being inspired by tech & different art forms, whether its graffiti, sneakers or even good food. Outside of GNTH, I am happily married to the love of my life. I’m also the owner of an esports photography company called Headshot Hustle where I use my knack for telling stories through photos. I’m a casual gamer, I love CS:GO, Call of Duty, Halo, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Ace Combat. My life is a boiling cauldron brewed with all things tech and geek related and this site is the culmination of my vision to form the Mega Zord of geek content.

Vishal Pillay

Voila! In view a humble vaudevillian veteran – just kidding. The name’s Vish, but some people do call me V. Been gaming since the age of 5, obsessed with FGC games, in particular MK, Street Fighter and Tekken. Majorly into comics specifically anti-heros and villians (the Joker is my spirit animal). Music of all kinds are mandatory, some people tell me I watch too much TV and spend too much time on the internet which is where most of my information comes from. P.S. I would say more but they cut me off…

Vernon Pillay

I have been gaming since 1987. I am a lover of entertainment in most genres like movies, music to anime and noir. Pro wrestling fan and mixed-martial arts fan… Oh and sport. Technophile is too cliché to describe my passion for the digital lifestyle. I have philosophical and futurist tendencies. Look for Easter eggs. Nicknames: Hitman and Vernigma2012 (PSN). I live in Kwa Dukuza or Stanger) located in KZN.

Farishtha Sahadew

Hiiii… My name is Farishtha but you can call me Fari for short… I hail from Durban… I’m a bit of a super fan of all kinds of movies, series, books and music… I’m a bit of an old soul so the likes of Elvis, Shakespeare and Area 51 are heaven for me… 3 words to describe me would be talkative, opinionated and eccentric… I hope to express the awesome world of geek culture in my writing and spread some honest joy everywhere…


Tarquin Nortje

Yo, its Tarquin, better known as Tarkz. I’m a geek from the ground up. Grew up playing anything from mass Quake LANs to Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. My ideal date would be reading comics in the morning, Cartoon marathons all afternoon and an all night gaming session. I have an ever-growing collection of geek-inspired tattoos, because I’m a geek for life.


Shaquil Heneke

My name is Shaquil, but everyone I know just calls me Shak. I am an avid gamer and have a major interest in Marvel comics, though I do give DC Comics the benefit of the doubt 9 times out of 10. I don’t really have a favourite video game, but the game that I do play the most is Call of Duty. My favourite comic book characters are Spidey and Deathstroke. Two of my biggest hobbies are Music Production and just listening to music in general. I am also, most probably, the weirdest of the Geeks but it is still debatable at this point.


Jonathan Harding

As a 90s baby, I feel that I was exposed to possibly the best content out there while growing up; I grew up watching some of the best movies ever – be they new releases; or classics from way back when, as they were certainly good enough to still hold popularity even to this day; the same holds true for anime, books, comics and music (while the music of the early 2000s is sometimes questionable).

I’ve been blogging since 2013 and started taking it seriously in late 2014; covering everything from movies and games, to comics and collectables, and while I generally don’t write about anime and manga, they are also loves of mine.

If it’s got ‘fantasy’ or ‘sci-fi’ and/or ‘adventure’ slapped on it, chances are I’ve seen/read/played it; everything from the mythology of the classical eras and Irish folklore, all the way over to Tolkien and Poe.

Star Trek or Star Wars? I think the real question should be “Who would win in a fight, Prophet or Master Chief?” The answer? KRATOS!!!!

Currently on a mission to read every Marvel and DC comic ever; as of late 2018, I am nearly done with the Golden Age.


Gen Twoco

I’m an enthusiast of all things art and anything created on local front. Pop, alternative, geek and even freak culture piques my interest. Anything with a twist and that can be scribed will definitely be in my lane to be discovered. Welcome to the world of Gen, coming out of crypt after 7 years of media requirement to join the GNTH

Michael Samuel

Hi there, I’m Mic (pronounced “Mike”). I’m a DC fan, with strong ties to Gotham (no, not the show). My favorite comic book character is Nightwing, with good ‘ol Peter Parker Spider-man in close second. I’m a former 90’s kid who often recalls the wonderful early Saturday mornings and after-school afternoons spent absorbing myself in the wonder of animated series.

I’m a PC-turned-XBO gamer whose tastes range from FIFA to Skyrim, with a little FPS in between. I also enjoy Tabletop gaming in the form of HeroClix and RPGs. I love fictional series with deep and intricate stories and am a bit of an otaku. I love anime. Seriously. Personality wise, I’m somewhere between Rick Sanchez and Finn the Human – a bit crazy, but with a code, you know?

I’m also your friendly neighbourhood editor, keeping the city safe from sub-standard content. The team tend to do great job of guarding city, but I remain vigilant. Bad grammar beware.